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African Beginnings

African Beginnings


Author: James Haskins / Kathleen Benson

For those who are searching for a children's book I have come up with some information. African Beginnings by James Haskins / Kathleen Benson is a nice children's book. The author is James Haskins / Kathleen Benson and it was published on the 20th of January, 1998 by Amistad. The children's book is 48 pages long. For more information about this book, click on the shopping cart button below.

From the ancient kingdom of Kush, whose black pharaohs ruled Egypt for nearly a century, towards the sixteenth-century empire with the Kongo, whose emperor was so powerful he was in a position to halt the trade in slaves for a number of years, the African continent rang having a series of glorious civilizations that have had a lasting impact on the world's history, and on American culture. James Haskins and Floyd Cooper have won many awards for their books for young people, including several Coretta Scott King Honor awards. Index. All ages. Bibliography. This groundbreaking book is their first collaboration.


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