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African Princess: The Amazing Lives Of Africa's Royal Women

African Princess The Amazing Lives

Jump At The Sun

ISBN: 0786851163
Author: Joyce Hansen

Kids love this great book. Written by Joyce Hansen and the publisher is Jump At The Sun. It was released around September of 2004. This version is the 1st U.S. ed. of African Princess: The Amazing Lives Of Africa's Royal Women, the amazing lives of Africa's royal women has 48 pages and it includes lovely colored illustrations of maps. The children's book also accentuates Princesses. Let yourself get engrossed within the children's book. To get your personal print of this book for your kids, visit the add to cart button on this site.

What was it like to reside as a queen in ancient Egypt, or as an Amazon warrior in western Africa? Some lived in great luxury; others lived in exile as freedom fighters. African Princess tells the stories of six remarkable royal women and also the eras in which they lived, from 1473 B. C. to the present. The rise of the slave trade and the arrival of European colonists unsettled the complete continent and forced rulers to locate techniques to govern and defend their kingdoms. Consequently, several of these royal women ruled in extremely difficult times, marked by palace intrigue, foreign invasion, and harrowing adventure.


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