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Ancient Egypt: Tales Of Gods And Pharaohs

Ancient Egypt Tales Of Gods And Pharaohs


ISBN: 0763663158
Author: Marcia Williams

Children love Ancient Egypt: Tales Of Gods And Pharaohs. The author is Marcia Williams and it was published on the 26th of February, 2013 by Candlewick. The children's book has 48 pages. The book dimensions are 10.63" Height x 8.65" Length x 0.2" Width and weighs something like 0.52 lbs. For more information about this child's book, click on our store button.

With compelling comic-style illustrations, a colossus's worth of facts, and dramatic fold-out spreads, Marcia Williams brings Egyptian myths to life. In this retelling of nine tales of ancient Egypt, Marcia Williams uses her signature comic-strip style to capture the rich mythology and early history of this great civilization. The stories inside the Egyptian pharaohs and their ancient gods are full of mystery and adventure. Beginning with powerful Ra rising from the waters of the Nile to create the gods of the earth, sky, and rain, Ancient Egypt takes readers by way of the curse of King Tut's tomb and the rise of Cleopatra-- with Rami, Ra's beloved cat, highlighting Egypt's many cultural and technological advances along the way. An instantly engaging, accessible introduction to an ancient civilization, this collection of stories is sure to fascinate and inspire young Egyptologists.


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