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The Ancient Egyptians (history Opens Windows)

Ancient Egyptians


ISBN: 1403488177
Author: Jane Shuter


Describes life in ancient Egypt, including farming, religion, government, and medicine.
The Ancient Egyptians (history Opens Windows) is a must own children's book. The author is Jane Shuter and it was published on the 13th of September, 2006 by Heinemann. In case you are inside the library you can search for it using the classification code, DT61.S643 2007. This is the Rev. and updated. of Ancient Egyptians has 32 pages and it has marvelously colored illustrations. Get a copy of this child's book, visit the shopping cart link.

How did the people of Ancient Egypt live? How did their values and attitudes help shape our world. This title answers these questions and far more with informative text, colorful photographs and original source materials, and clear maps and diagrams to show readers what life was like in ancient civilizations. What was their social, economic, political, and cultural life like?


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