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The Betrayal Of Africa (groundwork Guides)

Betrayal Of Africa

Groundwood Books

ISBN: 0888998244
Author: Gerald Caplan


Argues that it is the policies of rich Western nations that are responsible for many of Africa's problems, discussing such issues as the large gap between rich and poor, women's rights, health, and education, and advocates change.
Searching for a remarkable children's book? Betrayal Of Africa is a fantastic children's book. Written by Gerald Caplan and the publisher is Groundwood Books. It went on sale sometime in 2008. At the library the reference number is HN773.5.C36 2008. The book has 144 pages and it has illustrations, click on the hyperlink below.

In the wealthy West, it's assumed that Africa could be the dilemma and we are the remedy. In this systematic strategy of exploitation, explains author Gerald Caplan, first-world leaders function in happy harmony with African despots to wreak havoc on their nations and peoples. Though couched in benevolent terms, Western policies in fact have for decades helped fuel the continent's devastating decline. This timely book argues the opposite. The Betrayal of Africa explains its historical background, the contemporary situation, and how a conflation of elements — China's bold new presence in Africa, an active and angry civil society demanding government reform, and fresh leadership — is creating the possibility for positive adjust. Using simple, lucid language, the book helps Western readers understand what they can do to remedy a complex, increasingly dire circumstance that affects us all. Every year, far a lot far more of Africa's riches flow out to the rich globe than we plough into Africa.


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