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Bonyo Bonyo

Bonyo Bonyo

Vanita Books

MPN: FBA-|303081
ISBN: 0981971431
Author: Vanita Oelschlager

"'When I was a boy in Kisumu, Kenya, I only dreamed of becoming a doctor and helping the people in my village. It happened to me. Now I can give back to my people. It can happen for you. When it does, remember to give back to your people too.'"--P. of cover.
The author is Vanita Oelschlager and it was published on the 1st of April, 2010 by Vanita Books. The book has 42 pages and it has colorfully illustrated maps. It focuses on Physicians.

“ Inspirational” will probably be the word for this picture-book biography of a poor child in rural Kenya who grows as much as become a successful medical doctor inside the U. S. and returns to set up a clinic inside the village where he was born. The message of harambee, or togetherness, is universal. He walks barefoot for two days across two rivers in order to attend boarding school, eventually tends to make it to Catholic high school, right after which at 17 is accepted into a Texas college on scholarship. True to Bonyo's viewpoint, the direct, first-person narrative begins with the young boy's life of hardship, his heartbreak when his baby sister dies, and his dream that he will someday put a hospital inside the village. The clear illustrations with thick black lines and glowing color are dramatic yet spare, portraying the ever-present hardship and hunger in the village, the boy's struggle to acquire an education, and his determination to succeed. The quiet, triumphant climax shows people today lining up with their babies at Dr. Bonyo's village clinic.


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