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Encyclopedia Of Civilizations, Explorations And Conquest: All About Early Peoples And How They Lived, Their Battles, Quests And Discoveries (illustrated History Encyclopedia)

Encyclopedia Of Civilizations


ISBN: 1842151576
Author: Philip Brooks / Will Fowler / Simon Adams

Make sure you get a copy of Encyclopedia Of Civilizations an awesome child's book by Philip Brooks / Will Fowler / Simon Adams. Written by Philip Brooks / Will Fowler / Simon Adams and the publisher is Anness. This became available sometime in October of 2000. The children's book has 256 pages. When you read, visualize the experience inside your head. You can get as innovative as you choose with the situation mentally. It should probably place you amidst the fun as well as excitement in the book. For more information about this book, check out our affilate add to shopping cart button on this site.

Divided into four sections, the authors cover Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Weapons and Warfare, Exploration and Discovery, and Prehistoric Peoples. The outcome is truly a broad overview of life in occasions of peace and war, from the ancient worlds of the Sumerians and Egyptians right up to the present day. Each spread provides a broad overview of a distinct topic, whilst reference panels at the bottom pick out interesting detail and include specially commissioned maps, artefacts and icons.


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