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Hatshepsut, His Majesty, Herself

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ISBN: 0689825625
Author: Catherine M Andronik

A picture book biography of Hatshepsut, a queen in ancient Egypt who declared herself king and ruled as such for more than twenty years.
Hatshepsut is a must own book. The author is Catherine M Andronik and it was published in March of 2001 by Atheneum. This is the 1st ed. of Hatshepsut has 40 pages and it incorporates a good number of colorfully illustrated pages.

Hatshepsut gained Egypt's throne when all her male siblings -- such as the half brother whom she married -- died."She also wore men's clothing and a beard, and referred to herself as"he"at the identical time as"she. Since no word existed for a female ruler, Hatshepsut employed the male title. Originally named regent to her nephew, Tuthmosis III, Hatshepsut gradually assumed more and a lot more power, and at some point had herself crowned pharaoh.


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