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This Our Dark Country: The American Settlers Of Liberia

This Our Dark Country The American Settlers

Clarion Books

MPN: 9780618147854
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ISBN: 0618147853
Author: Catherine Reef


Explores the history of the colony, later the independent nation of Liberia, which was established on the west coast of Africa in 1822 as a haven for free African Americans.
Shopping for an impressive book? This Our Dark Country: The American Settlers Of Liberia : the American settlers of Liberia a great book! Written by Catherine Reef and the publisher is Clarion Books. The book was released sometime in 2002. The children's book is 144 pages long and it has a number of illustrations, select the hyperlink below.

In the early 19th century, the American Colonization Society was formed with the sole intent of producing a colony for free blacks and former slaves. In this accessible and well-written book, award-winning author Catherine Reef presents a significant but as of however relatively unexplored chapter in African American history. Despite the controversy, the first group of settlers landed on the west coast of Africa in 1822. Photo gallery, endnotes, bibliography, index. Both blacks and whites took passionate stands either for or against this proposal. Her account is filled with excerpts from diaries and letters of the settlers and richly illustrated with period photographs and prints, many of which have never been published before. They faced numerous difficulties arising from the unfamiliar climate, hostile encounters with each of the indigenous people, and the failure of other nations to recognize their independence, but they managed to build a nation, naming it Liberia, for liberty. Today, partly because of these difficult beginnings, Liberia is really a country plagued by unrest.


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